Dr. Houghton has been very professional, supportive, and caring. Her holistic treatments and counseling have been the key to resolving chronic health issues I had been struggling with. I feel fortunate to be a patient of hers, and am a healthier and happier person today as a result.
--Sue Christian, LMT

I had been plagued with disturbing neurological symptoms for 7 years, that were increasingly becoming worse. I was losing vision, use of my legs, and I had developed a speech impediment. My mother in law had heard that mercury poisoning can imitate these symptoms, and begged me to get tested for this through Dr. Houghton. To my surprise, I learned that my lead, mercury, and tungsten levels were “very elevated”! As I researched the effects of these heavy metals, I learned they frequently caused the very symptoms I was experiencing.
In October 2005, Dr. Houghton prescribed a course of treatment. I did everything she said; and now (May 2006), I am beyond grateful for the complete absence of all my symptoms! I’ve even been able to come off an awful drug called methotrexate, which treated my eye, but had horrible side effects.
I have found Dr. Houghton to be incredibly knowledgeable, correct in her treatment, [and she] packs a tremendous amount of information in each session, and [is] respectful of all my wishes and feelings. I truly could not have found a better doctor.
-- Linda Lunt, lobsterwoman

Through naturopathy, I have learned how to manage a chronic inflammatory disease. It has proven to be an excellent complement to medical science, which was improving my quality of life but not teaching me how to help myself beyond taking a pill or an injection. I understand now, what all my medical tests are for, what the results mean, and what things I can do to help myself. I have been taught the importance of diet and which foods may be contributing to my condition. With diligence, perseverance, and Dr. Houghton’s expert guidance, I am in control of my own health. She has taught me the things I need to know to take care of myself; as a result I feel better than ever.
-- Jackie Haines, jewelry maker

Thank you so much, Dr. H ! About 18 months ago, I had difficulty breathing, couldn’t walk the stairs without stopping to take a breath, was tired all the time, irritable and had diarrhea. After adhering to a strict diet free of processed foods, gluten and lactose, and adding vitamins and herbs to my lifestyle I feel like a new person. Naturopathic medicine is the only way to go.
--Nancy Cerrato, innkeeper