Clinic Services

Acadia Naturopathic Clinic offers the following services: acute and chronic care, complete homeopathic intake and physical exams including female annual exams, school physicals and well-child exams

Diagnostic Tools

Orders for conventional labs and imaging
Food intolerance and sensitivity testing
Nutritional profiles
Adrenal and hormone testing to look at complaints about
       energy, stamina, weight and menopause (for example)
Neurotransmitter testing, for treatment of sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, cravings,
     ADHD, substance abuse, and PMS.
Comprehensive cardiovascular risk assessment
Assessment of environmental influences on health, including but not limited to,
     heavy metal testing, examining liver function and detox pathways, and steps toward remediation.
Pulse and tongue assessment according to the Eclectic school
Tools garnered from Ayruvedic and classical Chinese medicine traditions.

Natural pharmacy on site

High grade, quality assured supplements
Customized herbal tinctures and teas
Prescriptions for natural hormones and custom compounded medicine
homeopathic remedies


Structural Integration
Visceral Manipulation
Craniosacral therapy
Counseling and Stress Management

Look for classes in the future to address specific diets and food sensitivities; whole foods shopping and cooking; homeopathic and botanical first aid; and general wellness guidelines for specific disorders.

Dr. Houghton is available for speaking engagements, and is receptive to suggestions for class topics.