Biotherapeutic Drainage

Biotherapeutic drainage is a method of applying homeopathic remedies and principles; and has been practiced in Europe for more than a century. The most complete texts have been written by French medical doctors, who believe that the buildup of toxins is a key factor in the development of chronic illness.

In naturopathic management, health outcomes can be enhanced by the addition of drainage remedies to support organ function and the excretion of toxic accumulations from the tissues. These toxic accretions often form the basis of symptoms, chronic disease, genetic susceptibility, and may cause an unresponsiveness to other therapies.

In the modern world, we are faced with multiple sources of toxins, such as air and water pollution, dietary contaminants (pesticides, herbicides, hormones, antibiotics), chronic stress, pharmaceutical drugs, and unhealthy lifestyle choices. Oftentimes the bodyís capacity to handle these toxins is surpassed, and the substances are not effectively eliminated from the body. As a result, waste products accumulate and the body begins to store the toxins in fat cells, joints, arteries, and other bodily tissues in order to take them out of the bloodstream where they could make us feel more acutely ill and cause more immediate risk to our health. Instead, a person may gradually develop muscles aches, anxiety, insomnia, stones, tumors, skin conditions, ulcers, chronic infections, autoimmune diseases, chronic fatigue, etc. Drainage helps to assist the body in optimizing its natural routes of elimination.

In my practice of drainage, I use both single remedies and formulations known as UNDA numbers, which combine low potency combinations of homeopathic plant and metal remedies in a liquid solution. Each plant has an affinity for an organ system, thereby generating a specific action in the body, which may be either stimulating, regulating, or calming. The minerals and metals affect enzymatic reactions in the body. The understanding of each component is based on principles of homeopathy, anthroposophy, Eclectic herbal tradition, classical Chinese medicine, astrology and alchemy. The ingredients act synergistically, and as such each UNDA compound is a unique remedy with different indications than if the ingredients were to be used separately.

Drainage remedies may be employed for acute ailments to stimulate the immune defenses and promote rapid recovery. In chronic conditions, drainage addresses the level of terrain, that is to improve the quality of our internal environment by:
eliminating toxins
restoring normal physiology
enhancing metabolism
rebuilding effective immunity
improving circulation
and protecting the nervous system from environmental and dietary insults.

By working on so many levels, drainage effectively removes the causes of symptoms, prevents premature aging or degeneration of body tissues, and fundamentally changes our susceptibility to disease in the long term.

It is generally necessary to have several remedies to cover the collection of symptoms, and drainage remedies are prescribed on physiology and symptoms of organ dysfunction rather than on the totality of the patientís history. The UNDA numbers have the ability to reverse the process of toxic accumulations in the cells and tissues of the body, which can be seen as the basis of most chronic disease. With normal function re-established, the similimum or single homeopathic constitutional remedy will be easier to identify and will have more gentle, efficient, and lasting action. Moreover, the bodyís natural cleansing mechanisms will be fortified, thereby working to prevent the development of disease in the future. As a preeminent practitioner has explained, using drainage is like preparing to paint your home. Before you actually paint, you must repair holes, wash the walls and prepare the surface to receive the paint. If you paint the wall before removing impurities, the job will soon deteriorate and will likely have to be redone. The same is true for healing the body by first eliminating toxins.